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Gordon Daley

Mr Gordon Daley

Gordon Daley was a great character within the Cross Roads village and had many friends and associates. He was born on the 23rd January 1929, and died only weeks before his 76th birthay on the 11th March 2005, and is very dearly missed.

His great passion in life was Bowls and he was a member and supporter of the Cross Roads Bowling Club for 60 years plus. He served the club in many capacities and was well respected amongst his fellow members.

Whilst not claiming to be the greatest of bowlers his vociferous support for his club/team mates never dwindled.He worked tirelessly as Secretary and Buster organiser ensuring the future of the club by raising funds, working closely with Derek Mitchell the Treasurer. He was also the 'main man' when it came to organising club competitions and refreshments; tea, biscuits, sandwiches, scones etc. He never missed a club trip to Thirsk or the annual outing to the races, Dales or wherever, he was always there and determined to enjoy himself.

His favourite catchphrases will live long in the memory:'Get stuck in', 'Nowt for short', Bit more co-op', 'Better gravy', 'We av em' and 'Tea up'.

Gordon also had nicknames for everyone including: Bang, Rocky, Pope, Gus, Twinny, Plonk, Wilky, Orville, Morph, Cocoa, Lucky, Barney, Laidback etc.

Such was Gordons support for Bowls he was made a Life Member of Cross Roads Bowling Club, The Worth Valley Bowling Association and The Yorkshire County Parks Bowling Association.

When not Bowling Gordon would enjoy walks around the area and call and visit his friends who were unable to get out and about themselves including his long time best friend Eric Pickles who Gordon visited for the best part of 25 years. He would also visit Dennis Mechem, and Nellie Walsh among others.

Gordon enjoyed other sports also and in his younger days played football and enjoyed watching rugby league and cricket.

After he retired he would enjoy wednesday bus trips with his friends Alan Bancroft, Terry Walsh, Jack Moore and David Green to various haunts in West Yorkshire where they would play Dominoes, have a drink or two and watch Horse Racing. He also travelled regularly with Robert Bailey to various destinations.

His working life was spent at British Mohair as 'boiler man' and he also worked at Prince Smiths, Dean Smith Grace 1978-1982, Smith Bros Agricultural plus Sharp Poultry Farm.

Gordon was one of three children of the late Arthur and Edith Daley, Arnold his brother lives in Somerset, and Gladys his sister died several years ago. Peter Clay the Cross Roads Bowling Club President (1975-2005) was cousin to Gordon.

His memory lives on and 'Daley Day', 10th July 2005 is dedicated to him.

The Gordon Daley Trophy

Following the death of Gordon in 2005, we, the members of Cross Roads Bowling Club decided that we would like to have a permanent memorial to ensure that his name lived on for many years to come and it was decided to purchase a trophy in his name.

However this is not a trophy which is played for annually as over time this would fade, and it is difficult picking a day to avoid clashes with other events.

The trophy is basically an honour bestowed upon someone who our members consider to have achieved much or contributed much in the realm of bowls or in the general Crossroads area.

Peter Clay (2005)

Mr Peter Clay

First presented in 2005, we awarded the trophy to Peter Clay, cousin of Gordon who had been President of Cross Roads Bowling Club for 30 years, thanking him for all his hard work.

Maurice Carter(2006)

Maurice Carter with his clock and the Daley Trophy

In 2006 the award was presented to Maurice Carter who has maintained the Yorkshire Parks following the death of Frank Robinson.

Maurice has been President of British Parks/Yorkshire Parks and now the Bradford Association.

He has been actively involved in the administration of the game for many years for the benefit of others and is a worthy recipient of the Gordon Daley Trophy.

The trophy is to keep for the coming season but the clock/ornament is a keepsake forever.

Mick Walsh (2007)

Mick Walsh with the Daley Trophy

Mick Walsh was presented with the Gordon Daley Trophy this year in recognition of his 25 years as captain of the Saturday team and 18 years as club secretary. A great achievement, and long may his commitment continue to benefit the club and its players.

He also recieved a cut glass decanter which he can keep as long as he promises to fill it with brandy and share it with the rest of us me.

Congratulations Mick, you work hard on behalf of the club and you deserve it.

Garry Foster (2008)

Gary Foster with the Daley Trophy

This year the Gordon Daley Trophy was presented to Garry Foster. He has been a friend and team mate and a very prolific bowler at Crossroads for more years than most can remember (approx 20 years) and this year he was made a life member in recognition of his long service in the club.

Garry has always been a fierce competitor and a passionate socialiser (bowls or's a difficult decision....he'd say both, at the same time if posible) and it is this fierce determination that has helped him in his struggle against what has become a debilitating illness.

Keep up the fight Gaz and we'll all hope for fast greens this season so you can teach us a bit more about your favourite little round peggers.

Fred Rothwell (2009)

Fred Rothwell with the Daley Trophy

Fred Rothwell...Mr Common-Sense...what can I say. For the last 15 years, as secretary, this guy has taken the Hebden Royd League from strength to strength. More teams now play in this Monday night league than ever before, with seniors and vets, and soon to come, a junior league, fantastic.

On and off the green, Fred has the respect of all our Crossroads bowlers, who enjoy playing in the league games and the well run competitions not to mention the great presentation nights we've enjoyed over in Heptonstall.

Thank you for all your hard work and for being so approachable, helpful and damn good at what you do, cheers.

The picture below, of Fred and Garry, was taken at our presentation night Jan 2010 where Fred was presented with the Gordon Daley Trophy.

Fred Rothwell with Garry

Alan Feather (2010)

Alan Feather with the Daley Trophy

Gordon Daley had many friends and some of them were not involved in bowls, as Gordon was, but in other sports and pastimes. The resipient of this years trophy is one such a friend, and although not a bowler, he is equally passionate about his own favourite sport, football. This year we have presented the trophy, for the first time, to someone outside the game of bowls; Alan Feather, someone who has dedicated much of his life to grass roots football in and around the local areas and, as I'm sure Gordon would agree were he still with us, is greatly deserving of the honour.

I think it's best if I allow Alan to outline his own efforts here, by reproducing below, a letter sent from him, to our club secretary Mick Walsh;

"I became involved in grassroots football by accident when in 1953 I went with a friend to Cullingworth Football Club's A.G.M, and as their Secretary had decided not to carry on, they asked for a volunteer to become Secretary, but alas there was no one wishing to become Secretary and for some unknown reason I then offered to take up this office. Fiftyseven years later I am still Secretary and Manager of the Football Club which has played as Cullingworth Rovers, Cullingworth Sports Club F.C. and today as Cullingworth S.C. Youth Football Club (Football In The Community).

When I took over the football team, which had been a good team, most of the players were reaching retiring age and so I had to start from scratch and rebuild the team. Four years later the team I helped to rebuild won the Keighley & District F.A. Senior Cup competition. In those days it was Saturday football playing with five forwards, but eventually Sunday football arrived, playing football the way it is today. In the early days of my reign we had a first team playing in the Bradford AMAT league, and a second team playing in the Bradfgord Red Triangle League. Eventually my team moved into Sunday football and entered the Keighley Sunday Alliance League and as well as being my teams Secretary and Manager, I became Manager of the League, which I remained for seventeen years. During my period of being League Secretary, I was League Fixture and Referees Fixture Secretary and another season, their Registration Secretary.

During my fiftyseven years service to Cullingworth F.C. I have managed a Junior team for the club which won the Keighley & District F.A. Minor Cup competition and besides these District Cup triumphs my teams have won a further eleven trophies.

In the year 2000, while still Secretary and Manager of Cullingworth Open Age team, I was asked, by two friends, to form a Junior Football Club for Cullingworth, and we had three teams, Under 7 - 8 - 9 of age and I was for a time still running the Cullingworth Senior Football Club, the Financial Secretary and then the Chairman of the Junior Club. Of the three junior teams, only one continued to play until they were too old for youth football in 2008, and as my senior team had now folded, I persuaded these players to play in the open age football and agreed to be their manager. This season (2009/10) I entered the team into the Sunday Keighley & Aire Valley League and I have been quite surprised how easily they have adapted to open age soccer and at the ability of all the members of the squad. We have had a most enjoyable season and finished mid-table which has encouraged me to make plans for next season.

I am a life member of the Keighley & District F.A. and also of the league that we play in. I am also Secretary of the Cullingworth Sports Club and have been for many years. I am the clubs Financial Secretary and Team Manager assisted by my Coach and former player in one of my teams; Darren Radtcliffe. I also wash the football kit, thereby saving the club £240 of the £1300 which has had to be found to promote the team this season."

Streuth Alan, when do you find time to sleep!!! I'm sure that all our members will agree that Alan thoroughly deserves this Honour as proposed by Keith Wilkins (Keefy) and wish him all the best as he continues to follow his passion. Fantastic work Alan!!! Well Done!!!

Pauline Lightowler (2011)

Pauline Lightowler with the Daley Trophy
Gillian presenting the Dayley Trophy to Pauline Lightowler

The Gordon Daley Trophy presentation saw the recipient coming from the local bowling community this year with Gillian Johnson presenting the Trophy to this years winner, Denholme bowler, Pauline Lightowler.

Gillian felt that Pauline does so much to introduce local young junior boys and girls to our game of bowls and then takes this much further by giving them lots of support, helping them learn the game, and take part in matches and competitions.

We all agree that Pauline works hard and does a fantastic job, and presenting this award to her, is our way of giving her the recognition that she truely deserves. I'm sure Gordon would agree and be happy to see so many youngsters encouraged in this way.

Pauline is showing everyone that bowls is a sport for all ages. She is a credit to the game! Well done Pauline!

Roy Sanderson (Sandy)(2012)

Roy Sanderson with the Daley Trophy

This year our secretary, and previous recipient of this trophy, Mick Walsh, presented the Gordon Daley Trophy to a gentleman from Oakworth who is well know to us all, Roy(Sandy) Sanderson.

Roy has been a very keen bowler in and around this area for many years, and can put this trophy alongside the many he has won while competing on the local bowling greens in both league and cup matches.

Mick told us,"When I was a young bowler, Roy took me 'under his wing', helping me to understand the game and become a better bowler". As we all know, Roy has been happy to give advice and encouragement to many bowlers over the years, using his sharp wit and gruff sense of humour to the full, engaging in banter on and off the green.

His influence on the local bowling scene has been, and still is, huge, and during the summer months we all look forward to reading the bowls column he writes in the Keighley News, where he keeps us up to date with all the news, events and results, usually with a healthy dose of tongue in cheek humour.

Roy is quite a character and deserves this recognition. We hope he continues to write his column for many years to come.